Ethnographic Interviews

Ethnographic Interviews: Consumer Negotiations   The Urban Indian middle class in India has undergone tremendous changes in their lives due to the simple fact of increased income levels and thereby increases in disposable incomes. One way to look at this change would be to look at economic data and another one is to look at... Continue Reading →

Tool Muse Usability Testing

Usability Testing for Tool Muse Research Methods used: Usability Testing, graphic analysis of icons brand images used. Analyze language use, relatability, efficacy to the target demographic. This involved heuristic evaluation of the website, increasing branding techniques to apply visibility, creating consistency in typography, enhance visibility. Research outcome: This process lead to refining of the digital... Continue Reading →

Persona for a local Job app in Princeton

Through the process of interviewing and field studies- the user research team iterates with the business analyst, the developers and stakeholders for Code for Princeton. This helps in keeping the focus on the expectations of the design team as well as the users in mind. Here is a persona I provide for a job app-... Continue Reading →

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