Hema's interest in volunteering goes back to her initial brush with Sociology where giving back to the community and being a part of change was the motivation. Her blog on volunteering Simple Serve brought  in many volunteers into the community. The idea was "It is one thing to be a part of the community and it... Continue Reading →

Full Stack Developer Projects

Hema's skill profile also includes  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Materialize, FireBase, GitHub, Terminal/Bash, Heroku. She is currently working with a healthcare startup preparing website launch on AWS, front end work, API pulls for a user base concerned with healthy living. A sample of her projects is listed below with links to GitHub for code and... Continue Reading →

Requirements and stake holder engagement for the job search app

The Job Search App required extensive carving out of user needs and understanding the technological as well as logistical pain points of the users of the app. The following methods were put to use to understand this better. Research Methods : In person interviews, surveys in English and Spanish inquiring about the nature of technology usage,... Continue Reading →

Mary Jacobs Library Foundation: A note on research and visioning from the community

The Mary Jacobs Library Foundation works to find financial and community support for the Mary Jacobs Library, situated in Montgomery Township, New Jersey. "The Foundation’s mission is to provide a library building for the community. We strive to maintain an innovative, safe and welcoming environment that inspires learning, advancing technology and cultural engagement in the community."... Continue Reading →

Story: a first step

Until now the work that I did has been about creating prototypes for developers as a product of my user experience research. I love working with people, understanding their contexts and listening to their stories (demographics and the sociologically significant data). Giving this sociological perspective to the stories has been the process I followed.  In... Continue Reading →

User testing for Bike View

BikeView.org The landing page for the page BikeView.org is the first impression that is created and it is what will stay in the users' mind. It needs to convey the objective which is really tied in with people USING the website. We have a host of people who will use the site- municipality, police officers,... Continue Reading →

UX Research for Bike View: New Jersey DOT crash data

The Bike View website/app came out of data analysis work at Code for Princeton on New Jersey Department of Transportation Crash Data. In order to use the data further, the Princeton Bike and Pedestrian Alliance member came forward with an idea to use Bike Crash data. Experienced bikers in the Princeton area were able to... Continue Reading →

Persona: Users, Consumers, Customers, Clients and Humans!

USERS: Consumers, Customers, Clients and Humans! In any order you see it, the common element in the above categories are the stories we hear from each of these people and are of value. Each one has a context and each serves a different purpose and has a story. Woven together for value- the stories serve a... Continue Reading →

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