Marginaliaa is a user experience (UX) research consultancy founded by Hema Malini Waghray (Malini). She has a unique combination of sociology, ethnography, qualitative research and technology in her background, bringing in critical user input to the research products as well as to product development.

Marginaliaa, a term borrowed from Krista Tippet, signifies the importance of using and including that which is in the margins; that which is made note of and forgotten and remains critical in the big picture. It attempts to bring to the fore the pieces that get left out in a conversation, in a larger historical context, a development process or a user pain point and examines them for inclusion through using ethnography, qualitative research methods and analysis along with the hard data.

She has a PhD from University of Hyderabad, the world renown educational institution and her thesis (abstract) was on the Urban Indian middle class in India that has undergone tremendous changes in their lives due to the fact of increased income levels and thereby increases in disposable incomes. Her key areas of research are culture of consumption, micro histories and user experience research. This unique combination pegs her work at the intersection of digital humanities as well as technology and users.

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