User testing for bike view

The landing page for the page is the first impression that is created and it is what will stay in the users’ mind. It needed to convey the objective which is really tied in with people using the website, namely, the municipality, police officers, researchers, public, planners etc. But our one key user has been the biker -all else being the secondary users.
The objective is to focus around the need that the user wants to satisfy and the action we want users to take. Addressing just one important aspect of the biker is a good way to bring sharper focus to our work.

  • To this end the following features are important for the landing page to have- How does the login occur? Is it through the social media or Gmail?
  • Where is the product located in the bike scene for the Princeton residents? Will it be on the Bike and Pedestrian committee page or will it be Access Princeton?
  • Fliers in the Bike store is another way to get the word out and so one can ask if bike store will give us space on their website- as a link.

Some of the User Testing Input for website is as follows:

  • Close button at visualization window is faint- this needs to be made bold.
  • User wants to look at a particular street, so the zoom in icon not visible- make it darker
  • No date in the arcGIS- only month and time is available and it needs to be fixed.
  • Incident report- combine more than one incident. Give an option of “other” and a text box that we can add later as an option itself.
  • Add reasons to travel- go to school, work, errands
  • Add age of person

The above changes were made to the website before it was set to launch.


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